We are proud to make the best coffee in Brixton. We buy our espresso beans from one of London's best roasters, Campbell & Syme, who roast and prepare bespoke blends for us at Federation. We serve a Federation espresso blend and a single estate special on the machine, and our newly-installed brew station allows us to showcase an even greater range of amazing coffees. You can expect knowledgeable and skilled baristas and staff and a relaxed, unpretentious vibe. We also sell a range of coffee-related stuff such as aeropress, keep-cups and hand-grinders.


We serve a range of food to eat with your coffee, from our much-loved Anzac biscuits and a range of cakes, through to pasties, grilled cheese sandwiches and fritters for lunch, prepared by our friends at Salon Brixton, across Atlantic Road. Everything is made fresh (of course) and changes week to week (save for the Anzacs, which we wouldn't dare not to sell for a single day...).


We are located in the heart of Brixton, in Brixton Village Market with entrances from Atlantic Road, Coldharbour Lane, and Pope's Road. Although pretty different ten years ago, Brixton Village is now known as one of London's best places to go for food and drink, with an amazing and eclectic array of independent bars and restaurants, many with national press and acclaim.

We also have a smaller 'hatch' at the Piano House on Brighton Terrace, with seats outside (but under cover) and our signature espresso blend on the machine.